Welcome to Vana d’iel

New, from the creators of such hits as Bob, the great hobo sorcerer who fights for the good of all, and Ugh, the murderous bane of man who eats babies and spearmint, comes Vana d’iel, an amazing new campaign that is in no way stealing anything at all from any game, especially not Final Fantasy XI. This vast land of forests and mountains and planes is like nothing you have ever seen before, except perhaps in every other D&D world that has ever been created before… but this is different! It has bank devils and giant birds that you can ride on but that are too fat to fly. That’s got to be worth something, right?

This campaign will attempt to draw content from every possible 3.5 book, and give players a chance to improve their skills and knowledge, kill all kinds of obscure things, solve worldwide dilemmas (as long as you consider the world to be the intersection between main and 5th street), and have fun pillaging every treasure of ancient civilization possible. They’re all dead, they don’t need all that stuff, right?

Vana d'iel