House Rules

Race inventions

For sake of flavor and ease the following items exist in the world (and are in common use)

Catfolk Dance bells- Often used in the storytelling rituals of the catfolk as they travel the plains; these instruments gives its wearer the ability to confer bardic music effects with a Perform(Dance) check. (5g or 100g; normal or masterwork(+2 bonus))

Gnomish knowledge gem- If a gnome wizard carried around every spell he knew he’d probably have to hire help just to bear the load. This hand device allows caster types to store and retrieve spells like a spell book, without the cost of ink or the limit of pages! (15 gold)

Elf Sacred Tatoo- Elves have over time developed methods to sanctifying inks to inscribe on the skin to replace a traditional holy symbol. (25 gold)

House Rules

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