Major Races


Humans are the original traders of Vana d’iel, and have wandered the continent for centuries. They do not hail from any land in particular, but have immersed themselves in all different cultures. They are highly adaptable and have become as much a part of the landscape as the races that had originally inhabited the lands. Some Windurst scholars believe they originated near the Juno region, but were not content to stay in one location like the Halflings. As of late a large percentage of humans have begun following a central king, putting aside their historical independent ways.

Racial traits:
• +2 to any stat
• 1st level bonus feat
• Free skill point each level
• 1/day humans can reroll a bluff or diplomacy check, representing their natural knack for interacting with other cultures
• Bonus language at 1st level


Half-Elves mostly reside in the woods of Vordrassil and have found their place in society as defenders of the realm. Their human ancestry gives them a fine sense of adventure, and their elven ancestry provides a small divine connection that seems to help them flourish in whatever they choose to do. Half elves patrol the borders or nearly every elven town, hiding in the trees and waiting to greet any visitors, whether by kind words or surprise ambushes. Those who choose not to follow their traditional roles as guardians tend to make excellent diplomats, artisans, acrobats, or whatever else their heart tells them to do.

Racial traits:
• +2 to any stat
• Most half elves spend their youth climbing the highest trees they can find. Because of this half-elves have a natural climb speed of 20’ and receive a +8 on all climb checks
• Though the divine spark is not as strong in half-elves it still manifests itself in their endeavors; half-elves may have two favored classes and receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 1st, 8th, and 16th level
• Low Light vision
• Bonus language at 1st level


Elves are the self declared keepers of nature. Unlike their counterparts in Grayhawk and Faerun they tend to take little interest in arcane magic and spend most of their time tending to their vast orchards. They are said to be imbued with a certain divine spark that holds them closer to the gods of Vana d’iel, and any elven settlement is bound to have at least one or two well-kept shrines. While almost always peaceful, the elves as a race seek to keep balance in the land and will go to great lengths to preserve that balance.

Racial traits:
• +2 Wis, +2 Dex, -2 Con; Elves are quick and in tune with the world around them, however not as tough as most other species
• +2 Perception
• All elves are light on their feet and gain Run as a bonus feat
• Elves are hard to get down and receive a +2 bonus on saves vs fear or despair
• Their divine-touched nature helps elves stay alive in difficult times, granting them a +2 on initiative rolls and allowing them to reroll a natural 1 once per day
• Low Light vision


Halflings are the natural natives of the Juno region in the center of the continent. They once lived quiet lives keeping to themselves and never exploring past their borders. Unfortunately due to the location of their home it was soon overrun by traders from all different races and regions. Within only a few hundred years of their first discovery they became almost a minority in their own region. Most Halflings accept this and live their lives peacefully among the other races, but a good number of the more adventurous type take advantage of the migration by relieving the immigrants of small portions of their wealth.

Racial traits:
• +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Str; Halflings are as quick-witted as they are agile, but their small frame doesn’t lend itself well to brute strength
• Small size, but movement speed of 30’ due to agile nature
• +2 bonus to acrobatics and perception
• Lucky; gain +1 bonus to all saving throws
• Traditionally Halflings don’t rely on strength for everyday tasks, giving them weapon finesse as a bonus feat
• Halflings are a naturally quiet race. They take no stealth penalty for moving up to half speed and can run while stealthed at a -20 penalty


Most dwarves live in the mountainous region of Grelltar, spending their days mining strong metals and rare gemstones. They are a hardy race used to the rigors of a solid day’s work, and their relation to the barren earth is much akin to the elves relation to nature. Aside from mining, many dwarves can be found tending livestock, building stone structures, or generally living with the land. Their culture does not typically look down on what other races would consider ill-manners, so they are very seldom seen as traders of any anything but the earth they tend to.

Racial traits:
• +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha; Dwarves are built for survival, not beauty
• Dwarves only have a 20’ move speed, but are not slowed by armor
• +2 vs poison, spells, and SLAs
• Dwarves get an extra +2 against charm and compulsion spells, and if they fail their save they get an extra save one round afterwards
• +4 vs bull rush and trip when on the ground
• +2 Perception on stonework, and always considered looking for odd stonework
• Proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon.
• Darkvision to 60’


Though seen as ugly and brutish by many races, half-orcs have established themselves over time as the most proficient metallurgists and stonesmiths in existence. Half-orcs can be seen in nearly all southwestern cities laboring in smelting plants and forges, constructing powerful weapons and armor. Many orcish stonesmiths spend their days among the nearby mountains creating works of art out of the natural rock formations.

Racial traits:
• +2 to any stat
• Most half-orcs train themselves in using the weapons their full-blooded cousins are most known for; the greataxe and falchion. They treat any weapon with the word “orc” in its name as a martial weapon
• +2 to craft metal or stone objects
• +2 to gather information and appraise mundane objects
• Half-orcs may add strength to intimidation rolls in addition to charisma
• 1/day, when a half-orc is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, he can act for one more round as if disabled.
• Darkvision 60’


Gnomes are considered by some to be the natural scholars of Vana d’iel. They make their homes in the rolling plains of Cortallea and are given to studying their topics of interest for hours on end. It has been speculated by a few that the race might not have survived their own obsessive nature if it had not been for the presence of the nearby tribes of catfolk, who often used them as resources of knowledge and new talent. Any gnome tends to be an expert in its own hobby, whether that is cooking, tailoring, magic, or on occasion some form of sport.

Racial traits:
• +2 Int, +2 Con, -2 Str; Gnomes are resourceful and resiliant, but not very forceful
• Small, 20’ move speed
• +2 to perception and all trained craft or profession skills
• +1 on disable device and any one knowledge skill
• In addition Gnomes get Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 1st level
• 1/day—dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, and speak with animals
• Gnomes have a natural knack for applying book knowledge and are considered proficient when using any weapon they have personally made
• Low light vision


The catfolk are a nomadic people that roam the southeastern plains in large caravans. They hunt, gather, and pursue trade among the many cities that are scattered about on the southeast. They were among the first outside races to discover the Halflings of Juno, though unlike the humans they did not expand their networks as a whole far into the lands of other species. While the gnomes wade through dusty tomes for knowledge, the catfolk have a rich history of storytelling, although it is not always completely accurate. Catfolk leaders tend to be elderly females with a motherly attitude toward their caravan and those who treat their caravan well. While there exist a few warlike tribes of catfolk to the north, the race tends to be one of the most peaceful and diplomatic in Vana d’iel.

Racial traits:
• +2 Cha, +2 Dex, -2 Con; Catfolk are naturally charming, but not very tough
• Can make any knowledge check untrained (though untrained checks may contain embellishments) and +2 to any trained knowledge check
• +2 to bluff, diplomacy, and sense motive
• Claws can act as a light slashing weapon, doing 1d4 damage with a crit range of 18-20/x2

Minor races


Of all the races in Vana d’iel the yagudo are perhaps the most mysterious. These bird-like humanoids have long been seen as bringers of famine and decay, and in ancient times even death. Any location a large group of yagudo settle down will invariably start to die off and attract the undead. It is a wonder then that this species has been able to survive, and thrive even in the mountains along the western border of Cortallea. Researches on the species have only been able to gather that something discovered in those mountains led the Yagudo to a place they referred to as the Prosperlands, and since then they have claimed the now-destitute land as their own. While they are no longer hostile to other races they have never set out to establish long-term diplomatic ties to anyone in particular and seem to be peaceful as long as they are left alone.

Racial traits:
• +2 Int, +2 Str, -2 Wis; Yagudo are brilliant and powerful, but are cut off from the world on a fundamental level
• Yagudo tread positive and negative energy as if they were undead, and suffer no ill effects from level drain
• +1 natural armor from thick feathers
• All Yagudo proficient with greatswords and the cesti
• Yagudo spellcasters create runes in the air rather than use material components or divine foci. Some spells require expensive dusts to form the runes.
• At a glance any Yagudo can tell if a being is alive, dead, or undead and exactly how badly they are wounded.


In general Orcs are a very passive and gentle race, with only a handful in each tribe affected by the primal warrior’s instinct that most people associate with them. Like the dwarves they are well connected to the land and hold a special honor for those who came before. Unlike most other civilized races, however, they actually inherit a bit of memory from their ancestors- making any given full-blooded orc a trove of knowledge that might have otherwise been lost to the ages. Their connection with the past and with the spirits of those around them is a thing to be admired as much as the valor of those orcs who come from a long line of warriors.

Racial traits:
• +2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Dex; Orcs are strong and connected, they are not nimble
• Thanks to their ancestral memory orcs get a +2 on any two knowledge skills and always treat them as class skills
• With their strong connections to life around them orcs are able to plant a message in another person’s dreams once per night. They must know exactly whose dream they influence as they sleep. No max range.
• 1/hour as a standard action an orc can let out a battle cry which causes all nearby enemies to be shaken for 5 minutes, or frightened for 1 round if they are already shaken (Will save = intimidate check)


Deep in the woods of Vordrassil there exists a scattered race of strange beings called the faun. Extremely independent and capable of taking on just about any humanoid form imaginable, these creatures are almost as mysterious as the yagudo to the east. Few faun are actually malevolent, however they are not known for their loyalty or selflessness. Most faun that are encountered in the world have integrated themselves into a village, taking on a false persona and appearance only to switch to a new persona if the previous one gets into too much trouble. A number faun do roam the countryside in their natural form, and those that do make some of the best entertainers around. Faun adventurers are rare, but most pursue the career as a way of discovering new places and seeking new forms of entertainment.

Racial traits:
• +2 Cha, +2 Con, -2 Int; Don’t expect a brilliant plan from a faun if they can’t talk their way out of trouble or run away
• Faun can assume the form of any small or medium humanoid they can imagine and depending on the form can gain the gliding ability or a swim speed
• As experts of the woven tale faun get a +4 to convince others they are telling the truth
• 1/day a faun can force a person to regard them as a friend as per the charm person spell (Will save = diplomacy check)


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