The Basics

Rolling a character

A character in this campaign will always start with bonuses adding up to +8. Exceptions may be made in the negative direction for sake of a character, but most people are probably not going to opt for having a weaker character naturally. The +8 limit may be increased by taking negative scores in a few stats, but no more 2 extra points may be gained in this way. For example you may take two scores of 8 or one score of 6 in order to have +10 to divide out among your other four or five stats. More stats can be negative if desired for sake of flavor, but the bonus will only be given for the first 2 points.

Example stat arrays

18, 18, 14, 10, 8, 8
(+4, +4, +2, 0, -1, -1)
Min/maxer array; Maximizes two important stats, only a bit of weakness in two strategically placed stats
18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 6
(+4, +3, +2, +1, 0, -2)
Missing step array; Like going down a set of staris, from the top being the amazingly skilled to the bottom where a step is skipped and you look like an idiot any time you try to use that stat
14, 14, 14, 12, 12, 10
(+2, +2, +2, +1, +1, 0)
Generalist Array; has no glaring weakness, but no glaring strength either.

Any class may be chosen from any book, as will be noted later on in this guide. Creativity is encouraged, and having an interesting back story can be potentially as helpful as having good stats.

Notes about the Campaign

Character death will likely be a possibility in this campaign, but will not be common enough to be especially annoying more likely than not. The penalties for death are greatly reduced- A death results in no experience loss, however depending on how a character was brought back to life there may be some serious consequences for shuffling off the mortal coil. Most resurrections occur as part of a process whereby a powerful outsider is sought to bargain for life again. You may get lucky and find someone quickly who will raise you for free, or you may have to wait days in the search, then end up being forced to make a deal so bad you almost wish you’d just ascended to the afterlife. Characters that are dead gain no experience from battles they did not participate in. No, not even if your corpse is used to kill the enemy, though feel free to try.

Try to keep a character sheet available where I can at least use it for reference, that way challenges will (hopefully) be neither too easy nor impossible to solve. If you prepare spells try to keep the set available to see, that way it’s also easy for your fellow players to know what you are capable of on any given day.

Bag space will be no issue. Items and Money will be kept in the possession of a friendly bank devil that can be summoned with a ring that does not count against the two ring limit. Summoning your bank devil takes one minute (10 full rounds) of concentration, so it really wouldn’t be prudent to do inside battle. An improved bank ring can be purchased from any bank devil for 2000 gold and allows summoning items directly into your hand, taking only a single move action to retrieve a single item or switch items. Goods can be purchased form most vendors using the bank ring as a kind of debit card, though some stick to the old fashioned rule of “cash only”. Bank accounts can be protected with a password, but doing so may or may not be to your advantage as once a password is set the only two was to access the items therein are with the proper command or with your death (which removes the password from the account). Do not abuse the bank devil, he holds your items and is under no contract to help you in any way other than keeping money and items for you. Also remember that while there have never been any records of bank devils inciting aggression there have neither been records of anyone ever coming close to succeeding in any kind of contest with them.

If you are unable to come to a meeting your character will accrue “rested exp”. Any exp the party as a whole gets, such as from a battle, will be added to your character’s rested bar. You will earn double exp in all your endeavors when you return up to the point where you run out of rested exp. If you have to miss a lot of sessions your character may be caught up at least a bit to keep you from coming down with a horrible case of death the moment you see the kind of monster everyone else is facing. This is to ensure that real life does not get in the way of DnD… or the other way around or something.

The Basics

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