The World of Vana d'iel

While Vana d’iel is technically the name of the world, it is usually used as a placeholder name for the four major regions that make up the primary populated landmass of the world. While wars between the regions have occurred in the past they have not been considered for quite some time, partially due to the natural geography of the land keeping access difficult and partially due to the tireless efforts of the people of Juno, which rests in the only hub that connects the other three without a mountainous border. Over time the people have set up a well functioning culture with its own Calendar, its own international police force, and a ruling body to keep each region’s interests in check.


If placed over a map of earth the main continent on Vana d’iel would cover most of the US and Canada. The grand city of Juno has a diameter of nearly 60 miles, with the greater Juno region stretching out as much as 200 miles from the edge of the main city. The other major cities of the continent can be reached by caravan using a well-maintained set of roads branching out from Juno. Travel times and distances are as follows:

Juno to Bastok: 900 miles, about 2 months travel
Juno to San d’oria: 1050 miles, a bit above 2 months travel
Juno to Windurst: 1500 miles, about 3 months travel

The World of Vana d'iel

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