Major deity (True Neutral)

Ifrit appears as a great horned beast with face like a lion and skin a crimson red. His size and strength is monstrous, though he can shrink or grow as needed to face any opponent. He tends to be loud and boisterous, never backing down from any kind of physical challenge and never showing a shred of self-doubt.


  • Fire
  • Strength
  • Volcano


Always strive to reach your own pinnacle of health and strength. Don’t back down from a worthy opponent, but know when you are outmatched. Look to those stronger than you for inspiration and you may someday be able to face off as equals.


Ifrit is worshipped by just about any person who strives for physical perfection, often alongside Phoenix. His followers tend to focus on power more than general health though; and include a good number of monks, barbarians, and fighters. Unskilled workers are sometimes seen uttering quick prayers to Ifrit in hopes for greater ability to do their job and the tolerance to last through particularly scorching summer days.


Ifrit’s realm is a series of fiery mountains connected by tunnels in which residents train their impervious bodies to face off in matches of strength and skill. Ifrit himself often faces the strongest foes and great honor is given to those who can last the longest in a challenge against the god.


Ifrit shares a close friendship with both Phoenix and Odin, Phoenix for her eternal physical training and Odin for his love of battle. He dislikes Diablos, feeling that luck is for the weak, and generally disregards both Ramuh and Siren.

Pathfinder Weapons

Clerics of Ifrit usually learn to use a variety of melee bludgeoning weapons, though a great many instead focus on using their own two fists aided by cesti. Using this option cleric levels count as full monk levels for purposes of cesti damage.

5E Domain



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