Major deity (Lawful Neutral)

Odin takes the form of a large red-eyed man in heavy armor, usually riding on a black horse and carrying a huge sword. He is a quiet individual, barely making a sound even in the midst of intense battle. When he does speak his voice is gentle, but resonates with a certain unspoken power that can inspire fear in even the bravest individual.


  • Death
  • War
  • Glory


Never be afraid to go into an unpleasant situation if the cause is important. Seek to train both body and mind, rising above your peers and attaining your own legend. When death comes for you face it with dignity, knowing that it is the one thing that links all life in this world.


While Ifrit is worshiped by those who seek physical perfection and Ramuh by those who strive for mental perfection Odin is revered by those who seek a balanced ascension above any who might oppose them. In this way he is the patron deity of the soldier, who must be able to both out think and outlast opponents in combat. Fighters, rangers, and a good handful of paladins claim him as their inspiration.


Odin’s realm is split between a vast battlefield and a campus of sorts where those who have fallen can improve their fighting ability, create alliances, and feast alongside others who share the same afterlife. Harm and fatigue is impossible within the campus and dying in the battlefield immediately brings the fallen back. Battles occur frequently for those who wish to participate, and once a year there is a realm-wide battle which all must enter. This realm-wide battle serves as a basis for obtaining fame and honor among an individual or group’s peers.


Despite thir polar opposites odin actually does get along rather well with both Ramuh and Ifrit, and by extension is on good terms with Phoenix. He is in decent terms with Diablos and Shiva, recognizing their importance but seeing flows in both of their focuses. He occasionally keeps business dealings with Bahamut and has a neutral view on the other deities.

Pathfinder Weapons

Clerics of Odin usually focus on learning generic use of two-handed slashing weapons. Some, however, spend their time trying to master the buster sword, a blade so large it seems nearly impossible to wield effectively. Those who do set aside their general training to learn to use this weapon gain the ability to strike fear in the hears of their enemies on the battlefield. As a move action they may attempt to intimidate a foe within 30’ as a move action (DC = 10 + target HD + target WIS). If successful the foe is shaken for 1d4 rounds + 1 round for every 5 points by which the DC is surpassed.

5E Domain



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