Major deity (True Neutral)

Like Garuda, Phoenix appears as a bird-like female; though in her case she is more of a humanoid bird than a human with bird features. She is completely covered in brilliant red feathers and has a tail of long plumage. She changes her attire frequently, usually being seen in an outfit associated with whatever sport she is focusing on at the moment. As suggested by her association with life and sun her personality is vibrant and outgoing, almost never anything but cheerful.


  • Life
  • Healing
  • Sun


Most in this world only have have one life so be sure to live it to the fullest. Never leave an ally to die unless doing so would cause a greater loss of life. Don’t shy away from friendly competition, it’s a good way to meet others and add richness to your days.


Phoenix is one of the most popular gods among the commoners. Whether it be a farmer hoping for a good harvest or a tailor who goes out into the sun to stretch his legs, she is relatable to most anyone. She is one of the most likely gods to be worshiped by those who side with good, though she is not without her darker followers who live by her tennets in unconventional ways. Fighters and monks are her most common worshipers among the adventurers.


The realm in which Phoenix resides is a bright and gorgeous place, with springlike temperatures throughout the greater portion of it. In a sense it most resembles a epic summer camp, with open air buildings all around and various games being played on the expansive fields. In areas that depart from the usual green atmosphere winter events are thoroughly enjoyed, from skiing to skating to massive snowball fights. It’s not all games though, as there are a number of locations that act as a spa retreat where residents go for deep relaxation, letting all stresses fade away. These spa locations are staffed pretty equally by bird-like servants of Phoenix and other residents of her afterlife who genuinely enjoy the work.


Though it seems unusual for a deity of the sun to get along with a deity of the dark; Phoenix is on good terms with Diablos, both sharing a love of games. She also gets along quite well with Ifrit, and is sometimes invited to his realm to compete in strength and endurance based competitions. She has no real enemies among any of the other gods, though has reached the point of “agreeing to disagree” with many of Shiva’s policies.

Pathfinder Weapons

Phoenix’s clerics are traditionally trained in all types of 1h slashing weapons with a subset often picking up a longsword in one hand and a shortsword in the other. Clerics also have the option of focusing on learning the odd balance of the gunblade. Such training also involves long periods of deep prayer and meditation which unlocks a highly unique use of this favored weapon. In the hands of a trained cleric the gunblade can be used as a 1h ranged weapon that deals 1d8 + the user’s wisdom modifier. Used this way it has a range increment of 30’ (and can be shot up to 300’ at a -18 penalty). It also has a weaker critical at range, threatening only on a nat 20 and only doing x2 damage without the extra 1d8. Switching to ranged mode involves gathering divine energy in a specific way that takes a move action to initiate. Melee attacks can be made in ranged mode, but in order to keep from dropping out of the mode must be made at a -4 penalty to attack rolls. Similarly ranged attacks can be used in normal mode but decreases the range increment to 10’ in addition to imposing a -4 to attack rolls for rushing the energy infusion. Switching back to normal mode is a free action. If a gunblade is held in each hand one can be in ranged mode and one in normal, however using them at the same time is generally not a good idea since they are both one-handed weapons and are not light.

5E Domain



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