Major deity (True Neutral)

At first glance Shiva looks like an ice statue of a beautiful young woman garbed in blue silk. She exudes an aura of calm so powerful that even Ifrit would be lulled into a peaceful state should the two ever occupy the same space. Her movements are slow and deliberate, and speaks in a soft voice like a lullaby.


  • Ice
  • Repose
  • Protection


Give rest to the weary souls. Hold fast to that which you have always known, be wary of anything that threatens the way of things. If change is needed let it be happen gradually, lest hasty mistakes are made.


Shiva is often seen as the deity of the suffering, offering rest and familiarity. She is called to by those who value tradition and by those who take up arms to protect those who cannot help thmselves. As such her crest is seen quite often among guards and vigilantes.


Shiva’s realm is a great expanse of dimly lit icy caves. The silence is almost absolute, and even the sound of a footstep feels deafening in contrast. Within the walls are the peaceful faces of those who have died in her favor, granted an eternal sleep and woken on only the rarest of occasion to wander the caverns in incorpreal form. To an outsider it may seem like an unending entrapment, but those who experience this afterlife it is more of a peaceful escape from all the worries they had to face in life- no matter how mundane those might have been.


Like Titan Shiva prefers to keep out of the affairs of the other gods. When she is moved to act, however, her wrath is absolute.

Pathfinder Weapons

Clerics of Shiva are a little different than clerics of any of the other major gods. Instead of having one sect studying versitility and one specilization she has two factions focusing on two aspects of protection. All clerics of Shiva are proficient in simple weapons and the employment of armor spikes and shields as weapons. Strong shield clerics usually weild a smooth heavy shield and gain a +2 bonus to AC when wielding any kind of shield. Active shield clerics usually weild a heavy spiked shield and gain “improved shield bash” as a bonus feat. In addition active shield clerics grant a +2 AC bonus to any party member within shield reach who is being attacked by an enemy also within shield reach.

5E Domain



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